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An Introduction To WP Engine

WP Engine is a service that is dedicated to WordPress. There are millions of people using the WordPress platform. This has attracted a large number of hosting companies that specifically focus on providing excellent services for the most popular content management system in the world. Finding a high-quality web hosting service is essential for businesses of all types, including those built on the WordPress platform. WP Engine is a high-quality web hosting service with many positives. These positives include excellent uptime, security that is specific to WordPress, real-time threat detection, daily backups, and cloud platform flexibility.

There are numerous other features available at WP Engine as well. People who are looking for enterprise-class managed plans should know that WP Engine is a top-rated website. You can get your site up in no time, though some of the services offered with other packages are not offered here. This web hosting review from TheHostingGuy is the best place to get the top information you need.

Services Offered

I have operated many sites over the last number of years and know that some hosting packages make life a lot easier overall. WordPress is a popular website building tool, and WP Engine specializes in providing plans that are designed for this specifically. This includes a number of plans that are offered, including the most basic plan, called Startup. Startup supports one WordPress installation, 50GB of monthly data transfers, 10GB of storage, and up to 25,000 monthly visitors.

The second plan offered is called Growth, which offers up to five WordPress installations, 200GB of monthly data transfers, 20GB of storage, and up to 100,000 visitors.

The third plan on the list is called Scale, which starts at $290 per month. This brings 15 WordPress installations, 400,000 visits, 400GB of monthly data transfers, and 30GB of storage.

There are other services offered at WP Engine, and I am impressed. The service offers a Custom plan that is high-end and excellent for mission-critical sites and large businesses. With this type of plan, you get millions of visitors per month, up to 1TB of storage, and up to 400GB of monthly data transfers. In order to get this plan, however, WP Engine must be contacted over phone. These packages do cost more than the Scale packages, but the high-end services offered at WP Engine can be a smart choice.

WP Engine Pricing

Pricing is an essential consideration for people who are looking to start a business, blog, or another website. With numerous offerings, remember that each is specially designed for WordPress websites. The Startup package begins at a $35 price point. This supports one WordPress installation, 25,000 monthly visitors, and 10GB of storage. The Growth hosting package starts at $115 per month, offering five WordPress installations 100,000 visitors, and 20GB of storage.

The Scale plan starts at $290 a month, bringing even more functionality and offerings. This web hosting level offers 15 WordPress installations, 400,000 visits, and 30GB of storage.

There are also Custom plans that are available, which allow website owners to get even higher levels of hosting. WP Engine is a high-end web hosting service, offering premium features. People will find themselves paying more for this service than some of the other services out there, but the features that are offered and the quality of the service is fantastic. 

Reliability Of WP Engine 

There are many benefits to having a top web hosting service, including the uptime. Customers and clients are unable to find or access your site while it is down, making reliability extremely important. WP Engine did not go down at all when I tested it, which is fantastic. With this type of stability, you can rest well, knowing that your website is accessible when your customers need to access it.

Features On WP Engine 

There are numerous features offered by WP Engine, including content delivery network page load times. Also called CDN, these can be extremely useful. Also offered are staging environments, which allow you to test website changes in a non-public environment. Plus, WP Engine offers its own software for storing and transferring large amounts of data.

Another important distinction that WP Engine has over many other services is the ability to select Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services as your site’s backbone. This helps enable no downtime scalability and bring tighter security.

Other top services do not give users this option, which can make a big impact for new users and experienced users alike.

There are several options at cheaper price points that are reviewed here for people who do not require enterprise-class WordPress hosting. I recommend checking out a wide range of reviews to see which type of hosting service is the best fit for you.

Many website owners are looking into the e-commerce options, as well as email marketing options, that web hosting packages offer. There are tons of plug-ins available in the library here for e-commerce, something that gets me excited. You can find a number of useful plug-ins, like those from WooCommerce and Shopify, plus other companies. Keep in mind that some e-commerce and email marketing companies will charge a small fee to utilize their services. If you are crunched in terms of budget, you’ll want to consider which plug-ins and services you will want when comparing options.

I have put together numerous reviews and tools to help you pick the top web hosting service for your needs. There are many considerations site owners need to ponder, having the tools here at TheHostingGuy helps navigate. Another important thought for many users is the security features offered by a web hosting package. People looking to sell products on their website will need a Secure Socket Layer, also called an SSL certificate. 

WP Engine includes an SSL free of charge as part of your hosting subscription. Since many other hosting services make their customers purchase an SSL certificate, if you need one, you should roll this cost into your price comparison. The site also performs daily virus scans and has a firewall, which is updated daily. This helps block the latest threats to people’s websites. Also offering real-time threat detection and free hacking remediation, you will find yourself well protected.

Support On WP Engine 

Customer support is also important. When I called, my questions were answered quickly and accurately. Besides having customer service available over the phone, there are also other customer service options. While the service offers limited customer service hours for people who are on the Startup plan, there is 24/7 customer service available for people who have signed up for plans above the Startup level.

Other Considerations

There are numerous considerations a person needs to have when selecting a web hosting package. WP Engine only offers WordPress-based hosting. If you have multiple sites and some of them need traditional shared web hosting, VPS, or dedicated web hosting, you will not find any of those offered here. There are other sites that offer both WordPress hosting and other types as well. In terms of a specialty site that offers WordPress packages, WP Engine is fantastic. 

The service is designed especially for WordPress installations, including themes and plug-ins. WordPress does not need to be installed here like it does with many other web host options.

The content management systems are preinstalled. Eliminating this setup step is extremely convenient and helps people get started even faster.  

Another question people who are looking to use this site should be asking include whether or not they want email services that come with their web hosting package. WP Engine does not come with email, and there are some services that you may need to spend a little bit of extra money on. Fortunately, one SSL certificate is included with your plans free of charge, which other services do charge extra for. Also, WP Engine does not support subdomains. You will need to purchase your domain from another place to use the WP Engine platform.

My Final Conclusion

WP Engine is a site for people who are looking for a powerful web hosting service. Those who are looking for a fantastic customer service team, reliable uptime, and cloud platform flexibility, should consider WP Engine. People who do not need all of the whistles and bells that come with the services here may find themselves looking into other options. Many websites have lower starting costs, though you should also keep in mind that some of the costs of the other websites are advertising are only valid for the first year.

Make sure to look into whether the cost of your services will go up when you renew your web hosting package. WP Engine is a premium web hosting service that offers incredible uptime and tons of high-quality features. I recommend considering this web hosting package if you are in need of the services and if it fits into your budget. There are many web hosting providers reviewed here at TheHostingGuy. Take the time to explore a few different services and use the links here to make your choice. Transferring to another hosting service or starting a new web of business online can be done quickly with the information here.

Review Pros

  • Fantastic Uptime
  • Daily Backups
  • A Great Staging Area

Review Cons

  • Limited Phone Support
  • Does Not Sell Domains
  • Doesn’t Come With Email

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