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An Introduction To Interserver

A company that has been around for over two decades, Interserver has continued to expand its services and reputation. Over time, technology improves, and some web hosting services do not keep up. Interserver pays attention and adapts to the changes. With a wide range of companies getting their web hosting here, including smaller companies and Fortune 500 companies, Interserver offers many positives for businesses of all types.

I’ve got several websites, and I know that not every website needs the same set of tools. Web hosting is an essential aspect of having an online business. Choosing a web hosting service that provides all of the features you need to successfully navigate the online world and present your products and services to others is essential. Looking at the pros and cons of many different sites is vital to your business, and HostingGuy gives the details to help you make the best decision about your options. Many sites have multiple price points that users can choose from, giving optimization at a price point that suits consumer’s needs. I will be exploring the price options at Interserver and what the site offers that could make it the top hosting website for you.

Services Offered

There are many services offered at Interserver, including over 450 scripts available for one-click installs. This makes getting the right scripts for your website easy to do. Also, for people who have a full cPanel backup ready for download, free migration services are included. There is no need to upload to your shared hosting account, but this will save some time. Take note that the Interserver account you are uploading to should not have any data on it, as using the backup can overwrite data already there.

Another perk of the site is SitePad, which is a free website builder from Interserver. It is easy to use and available for free with standard web hosting plans. There are well over 300 themes and a variety of categories to suit your business. This service also provides over 40 widgets to make your experience even easier. Popular control panels are integrated, adding to the benefits.

Guaranteed email is also part of your package. Get email delivery of valid, non-spam, non-bulk emails through the shared hosting package. Compromised email accounts are also automatically detected. This can prevent problems such as IP blacklisting. Check out the Private Email Hosting at Interserver to get the full details.

Numerous other services are offered from Interserver, including ASP, VPS, and dedicated servers. Get the storage space that you need, unlimited support, free website migration, and numerous other beneficial services, whether you are getting a web hosting package for the first time or migrating from another service. There are hundreds of scripts available as one-click installs, and the free website builder here is popular.

Making changes to your website in the free website builder is easier than ever. Also providing email services, fantastic uptime, and customer service that is available day and night, Interserver is a web hosting service that companies of all sizes utilize.


Interserver Pricing

I know that keeping more money in your pocket is important to you. The least expensive web hosting provider is not always the best one for every person, however. They each have strengths and weaknesses, and some of them are better than others. Interserver has other financial benefits outside of an initial price that is a great value. With the websites Price Lock Guarantee, renewal costs will stay at the same rate as opposed to increasing significantly like other sites. I am a fan of knowing what I’m going to be paying for services and not having to do a lot of math to figure out how my prices are going to go up next year when it comes to web hosting. Interserver helps me do this.

Also, the 30-day price guarantee gives peace of mind. Domain registration and transfers are at a competitive rate and one that is lower than many other web hosting services. With the purchase of any web hosting package, your domain registration costs even less. There are many ways you can customize the services you get; plus, the standard web hosting package will service most website owners well.

Reliability of Interserver

Interserver is known for its reliability. With 99.9% uptime and fantastic customer service, the site has a global network that can suit your needs. The company partners with Cloudflare, utilizing its global network of caching data centers. Having enough servers to take care of all of the websites on its service brings high speeds and allows for route optimization. Interserver updates technology often to have the latest server optimization and security technology.

Another element of reliability is the customer service support websites bring. Interserver has been around for over 21 years, and this longevity says a lot about how it treats its customers. The company has a dedicated support team that is available 24/7. If you have issues, the company can be reached by phone, live chat, and ticket system.


The Features On Interserver

There are a few features and benefits of Interserver that make it a great choice and can give it an edge up on other sites. First, the site has a 30-day guarantee. This gives you time to explore what you like about the service. Keep in mind that you will want to be consistently backing up your website and prepared to transfer the information over to another hosting package, however, if you choose to go another direction. The website also offers a price lock guarantee. When you sign up for services at Interserver, the monthly price you sign up for is your guaranteed price for shared hosting.

The Price Lock Guarantee makes budgeting easier and adds peace of mind to get services at Interserver. Many other websites out there will have a low rate for the first year you have your hosting package, but when it comes time to renew, the rates will jump significantly. The renewal costs here are the same as your initial rate. Another positive is the experience and tools the site has to migrate your website to its hosting. With over 65% of sites being migrations, the process is smooth and straightforward, and customer support is with you as you transition.


Support On Interserver

Support here is available 24/7, and it gets high rankings too. Customer service is important for website owners. If something happens to your website and potential customers are not able to see your site, it can mean lost business. Customer service is available at Interserver via phone, live chat, and more. Interserver goes beyond what is offered by the very affordable mass-market shared hosting services. Getting the additional perks and features here is a smart choice. Get your web presence built and know that it is up when it needs to be. The customer service team allows users to rest easily, something I appreciate a lot.


Other Considerations

There are many considerations people use when selecting web hosting. Interserver has an easy to use control panel, and its free website builder is also straightforward and easy to navigate. Outside of reliability, customer service, and general services, Interserver offers VPS and cloud services. The web hosting industry is very competitive. You can get shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers at Interserver. This provides flexibility that some other companies do not have. The site has a lot of features that are simple to use, but not as many as some other hosting websites. People who are starting a website up for the first time might be intimidated by the long list of features it does have, though some website owners who need a few more advanced tools might not find them all on this website. The site does not have contracts, a big positive, and is independently owned. Pair this up with the free website migration and 24/7 support and Interserver is a solid provider. Unlimited storage, sites, and email are also features.


My Final Conclusion

Interserver offers many excellent services, lots of features, and has won awards on numerous websites. The costs are competitive, and knowing that they are not going to go up due to the Price Lock feature, you can easily budget for the future. The website also has a 30 day trial period, which has many benefits. Interserver does not have as many features as some web hosting packages. It is reliable and recommended by TheHostingGuy. The best web hosting packages need a combination of many things, and they can be found here.

People who are unhappy with their current service find themselves considering many new sites. Shopping around for the best rates, customer service, and feature sets is important. Interserver provides an excellent combination of all of these things. Use the links on the to get the best prices for web hosting available in your area. With many sites being migrated to this is service every day, if you are looking for a new web hosting package, consider Interserver.

Review Pros

  • Price Lock Feature
  • 30 Day Guarantee
  • Tons Of Options

Review Cons

  • Independently Owned
  • Not Many Advanced Tools

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